Friday, March 6, 2015


My mashup is a combination of "Speedracer" by Taylor Bennet, "The Macarena" by De Los Rios, "Cocoa Butter Kisses" by Chance the Rapper, "Hollywood" and "Next Contestant" by Nickelback, and "Never Gonna Give You Up" By Rick Astley.

I originally started out with trying to put a Chance song with a Neutral Milk Hotel song, though I couldn't find a song from each that would work, due to the fact that the majority of Neutral Milk Hotel's songs are in 3/4 while the vast majority of rap is in 2/4. I then thought of Chance's brother Taylor, who created Speedracer. I took this as my new base and found out that The Macarena has the same  rhythm and is in the same key. It was a match made in heaven. I thought it was hilarious to take a song that is taken seriously with a song that is made fun of, so I went off of that. I took a piece of Never Gonna Give You Up and changed it drastically so that I could add it to the song without it being too obvious. Wanting even more, I took found two songs from the infamous Nickelback and sprnkled that in there, too.

This is fair use because I'm not making money off of it and, in my opinion, it doesn't detract from the original work.

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